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The NonFunGerbils Podcast

Nov 5, 2019

Today we’re joined by John Watkinson of LarvaLabs, John is the co-creator of the Cryptopunks, which was the first NFT project on Ethereum and the inspiration for the ERC721 standard. He also created Autoglyphs which is the first fully on-chain generative Art NFT project as well as many other varied and creative non-blockchain applications.


In our chat we cover:

The fascinating story of the Cryptopunks.

How the NFT space has taken off since then.

The Autoglyphs project.

How NFTs solve key problems with Ownership and Art.


At the end we announce the Winner and design of our HODL Gerbil NFTs and give you the next NonFunGerbil in desperate need of a backstory


On with the show, we hope you enjoy it.





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