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The NonFunGerbils Podcast

Oct 8, 2019

Today we’re delighted to bring you our conversation with Vinay Gupta.

Vinay has a varied background as a futurologist, advising on disaster planning and state failure solutions, he designed the open source disaster relief shelter the Hexayurt, he was a first generation cypher punks, release coordinator for the launch Ethereum. Now he brings all of that together in Mattereum to index the world, reduce global waste and increase efficiency.

We have a very wide ranging discussion covering:

  • The state of Ethereum 5 years in.
  • How software can further improve our lives.
  • What changes digital models of everything can bring.
  • William Shatner.
  • How non-fungible tokens are vital for modelling unique things in the physical world.

As well as looking at our current state of affairs in society.

Stick around at the end we go through some of the funniest entries for ICO gerbil and announce the winner plus give the name of next episodes NonFunGerbil.

If you’re new to this, we, along with the community create fun characters based on themes and ideas within crypto crossed with gerbils.

We give you the name, you send us hilarious backstories on Twitter, and then we create an illustration based on the most entertaining story and mint a set of tokens that we send to everyone who participated in that round. It’s a lot of fun and our way of playing with the tech and building a community.

We hope you enjoy the episode.




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